Secret of success

The secret of success is to form the habit of doing things that others dislike doing. This is what separates people who are successful from those who are not.

So what is it that people don’t like to do? They are generally things that most of us naturally dislike. Most people prefer things that bring pleasure and want to obtain results from doing what we like to do. We grab the low-hanging fruits.

Why do we tend do what we dislike doing? We do so because we have things we want to accomplish. In other words, we prefer to enjoy the results rather than the process.


Successful people have a strong sense of purpose that drives them to do what they dislike.

When you encounter a plateau or slump in your work, or find yourself losing your way, reminding yourself of your purpose often pulls back on track.

This purpose needs to push you to form habits that you dislike, and to help you through the hardship in the journey to achieving what you set out to do. It must be practical, not visionary, so you can act on it.

For example, I set five-minute habits. My daily goal is to clock in five minutes of each of these habits. Doing the task gets me in the mood and hooked for more. These five-minute sessions often end up stretching for an hour or more.

On days that I find it hard to get going, the bare minimum of five minutes helps me to push through the dip. Doing the hard work during the times you want to give up is what pays off. If you go to the gym, you know that the gains start when you begin enduring the reps and try to best your personal record.

If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: never lie to yourself.

Paulo Coelho

It is only through taking actions that you reach your goal, not just by dreaming it up. I know it sounds silly to state something that is so simple and straightforward, but you’ll be surprised at how often people keep themselves away from success.

Next step

Now that you know what the secret of success is, take a look at your daily habits and review what changes you should take to reach the goal you aim for.

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