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My portfolio site is finally live. I have been fiddling around with several set ups but I’m proud to announce its official launch. It has been an interesting and, at times, frustrating, journey to complete this project.

Screenshot of jenxi.com

When I decided to build a self-hosted blog/portfolio site, I wanted the domain name jenxi.com. However, it was unavailable back then. It was owned by a company named JENXI, that was producing some baby products.

After some research, I ended up buying jenxi.com. The domain name is shamelessly narcissistic. I loved it. My portfolio had been a work in progress and I spent more time blogging. The site slowly transformed into my personal space.

I was bored one day and tried to access jenxi.com. I was surprised to find it unregistered. I wasted no time purchasing the domain. When the euphoria of getting my desired domain name washed off, I sat there and wondered what I would do with it.

The first thing that came to my mind was to transfer the current site to the new domain name. When I sat down to think about it, I realised that I have become very attached to jenxi.com. I could not bring myself too proceed with the plan.

The other choice was to use jenxi.com for my portfolio. I’m a photography enthusiast but shooting has been more of a hobby I don’t have many photos that I would consider worthy to be put up as part of my portfolio.

Man sitting on a flight of stairs

I’ve always been a perfectionist and I already knew that I had barely a handful of photos I approved of, even before I started poring through my image library. These few photos will mark the beginning of a self-conscious push to generate better quality and a greater quantity of photos.

My past few weekends have been devoted to photo walks. I plan to make it a routine. The first couple of times that I went shooting were rather disappointing. To help myself to capture more interesting photos, I have started a few mini projects to pursue during the shoots.

I look forward to capturing shots that will grace Photos by Jen Xi.

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