Jenxi is a Malaysian photographer who grew up in Singapore and is now based in Shenzhen, China. He is passionate about sharing the beauty he sees through his photos. He developed a keen interest in photography after trying his friend’s digital camera. And in 2008, he purchased his first camera and embarked on a life-changing journey.

Jenxi is particularly fond of shooting when he travels. He often takes long walks to shoot on the streets in the Shenzhen & Singapore. He believes that the more he shares his knowledge, the more he learns. Hence, he is always eager to interact with others who shares his passion for photography.

He has a sinful lust for camera gear. Jenxi does not chase the latest photography equipment. Instead, he is obsessed with collecting analogue cameras.

Jenxi is always keen to meet like-minded individuals so feel free to contact him or connect with him through the following links.

Connect with him:

Twitter: @jenxi

Facebook: https://facebook.com/jenxi.seow/

Instagram: @jayjenxi