Shooting Gardens by the Bay

View from the OCBC walkway in the Gardens by the Bay

When Gardens by the Bay opened in Singapore last year, I went down to have a look at the new attraction in town. It was also a little outing with my brother and his family.

The exterior of the conservatories and the artificial big trees are ideal subjects for photographers. These were designed to be striking landmarks and they will spawn thousands of similar looking photographs as more people visit.

Tourists in the Ang Mo Kio MRT station in SIngapore

Tourists on the platform of Ang Mo Kio MRT station is an uncommon sight.

Escalators in ION Orchard

Four-storey high escalators in ION Orchard.

Tourists buying milk tea in SIngapore

Self portrait of photographer Jen Xi

The underpass that links the Bayfront MRT station to the Gardens by the Bay has full length mirrors on both walls. I could not resist stopping for a self-portrait.

People taking photos of their reflections in the mirror

Neither could this group of tourists.

People taking photos of their reflections in the mirror

Nor this group of friends.

Almost everyone that walked through the underpass stopped to take a photo of their reflection.

Underground passage in Singapore

Photographer getting ready to shoot

Photographer shooting using a monopod

Tilt-screens have made photography a lot easier on the elderly. Instead of having to bring their eyes to the viewfinder and bend down to shoot, they simply use the tilt-screen and live view to frame the picture.

There were many photographers at the Gardens. It had just opened and any decent photographer would be unable to resist the temptation to shoot there. Most of them seemed to be waiting for the blue hour for landscape shots.

A bridge and its reflection in the water

Two young photographers

Some came unprepared and had to resort to makeshift tripods.

Sign saying

Maybe it is just me but the drawing does not look like it means “do not release the turtle”. It looks more like “do not karate chop the turtle”.

Photographer walking on a bridge

A photographer in full gear.

Girl taking photos with her iPhone

Some people, like the lovely lady above, prefer to simply shoot with their smartphones.

Silhouette of Gardens by the Bay

A couple with their children.

I cannot comprehend why parents would want to treat their children like pets.

Man with his one-month-old baby

My niece when she was only one month old.

Out of focus photo of a super tree in Gardens by the Bay

I decided to do a bokeh shot for the fun of it.

View from the OCBC walkway in the Gardens by the Bay

And that is my first trip to the Gardens by the Bay. I went there a few months later and visited the conservatories.

If you are keen on macro photography, it is worthwhile to pay for the entrance fee and spend a day in the conservatories. The flowers make good macro subjects.

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