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Self portrait of photographer wearing Fujifilm X100 t-shirt from Uniqlo

A fashion runway is not a common sight along busy Orchard Road. I believe the event was held by the mall, Wisma Atria, to mark the completion of  renovation works on the exterior of the building.

Self portrait of photographer wearing Fujifilm X100 t-shirt from Uniqlo

A self shot to start the day.

These photos have been sitting in my hard drive for a while. They are from the last photo walk I did alone. Since then, I have done several walks but those were part of my workshop sessions. I was also out of the country every month for the past three months. That meant sacrificing the days for photo walks in exchange for getaways from the bustling city.

Bangkok is not exactly a change of pace compared to Singapore, but at least I indulged in shopping. I also spent some time in Penang and went back to Johor Bahru. These were restful moments that recharged my batteries. Of course, they are not the kind of paradise I want. Bali holds that special place in my heart.

Two children playing with a snacks dispensing machine

A step back in time. Maybe the time machine worked.

Father, son and daughter each holding their own cameras

I came across this interesting family. I think the father brought his kids out to teach them about photography. I can’t remember what cameras they had but they were all Canon. The girl had a G series. The boy had an entry-level body with kit lens while the dad used a higher end model with a 70-200mm f/4. He probably passed down his gear as he upgraded his main set up.

My father was an avid photographer so I was introduced photography at a young age, but I did not get to explore it as a hobby. It is something I lament and when I become a father, I would definitely let my children have an early start in photography.

Man on the street with round sunglasses

Student volunteers selling cupcakes for fundraiser

There were several charity drives held in Orchard Road on that day.

Tourist pushing a large suitcase

Headlights of a motorcycle

Robot in disguise?

Photographer shooting with a Canon 100-400mm telephoto zoom lens on the street

When I started street photography, I used a 70-200mm because I was not comfortable with going close. Still, a 100-400mm zoom is a bit too much for street shots.

Crew setting up lighting for a fashion runway along Orchard Road

There was a fashion runway being held in front of Wisma Atria. It was quite interesting to watch how the professionals work as they set up their equipment.

Crew setting up lighting for a fashion runway along Orchard Road

It was a short event but it took them several hours to set up and dismantle the equipment. It serves as a reminder to me about how hard people work behind the scenes in production.

Girl in sleeveless top and long dress, and a girl in long-sleeved top and shorts

Met up with my sister, who was meeting her friends for lunch.

Student volunteers sharing a laugh

These student volunteers had a donation drive. They were selling balloon sculptures to raise funds. It turns out that they were from the same junior college that my sister and her friends went to.

The happiest looking girl in the photo was actually photographed by me as part of my strangers project.

The students were very persistent in getting their seniors to make a donation.

Boy buying a balloon sculpture from student volunteers

Boy buying a balloon sculpture from student volunteers

The birthday boy decided to make his contribution.

A group of friends along Orchard Road

My sister with her close friends.

Woman buying a balloon sculpture from student volunteers for her son

The boy was quite shy so it took him a while tell them which balloon sculpture he wanted.

Mother and daughter standing beneath their umbrella while ordering food

Student volunteers thanking a donor

Body Shop campaign

This is the same campaign that I have seen for a few weeks. It probably ended after that day because I did not see it any more in the following weeks.

Body Shop campaign

Man carrying a video camera as he walks across the road

I wonder what he was filming.

Sound man and cameraman getting ready for fashion runway along Orchard Road

The Asia Extravaganza was about to begin.

Sound man holding boom microphone

Sound man making adjustments to his gear

Photographer shooting over the crowd using the tilt-screen of the Olympus OM-D

Spotted an Olympus OM-D in the crowd. There were a few Olympus PEN as well.

Woman recording a video with her smartphone

She looked like a model. Probably recording for a friend who was doing the runway.

Violinists perform on the street to raise funds for the deaf

This was the first time I came across this performance. They were raising funds for hearing aids.

Couple in trendy fashion along Orchard Road

Lady with a large umbrella

Bigger is not always better but I guess it is when it comes to umbrellas.

Mother and daughter eating ice cream

My favourite shot of the day. The expression on the girl’s face is priceless.

Two girls in almost identical clothing, shoes and bags

To them, best friends meant trying to look the same. This reminds me of the three girls who underwent cosmetic surgery so that they could look the same. Literally.

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