Publicity stunts

Whenever I shoot in Orchard Road on a weekend, I’ll encounter publicity stunts by various companies to promote their product or services.

It’s the busiest part of Singapore during the weekends, so retailers would ramp up their efforts to market their brands to the endless crowds there. Street performers are out at full force to earn their keeps as well.

Street photography - Publicity stunt

This is a stunt by JCube to increase awareness about the newly opened shopping mall. JCube is built to replace the old Jurong Entertainment Centre, which was demolished several years ago.

Street photography - Girl holding newspaper that says "Now Open"

Street photography - Girl holding newspaper that says "Now Open"

The only times they seemed to draw stares from passers-by was when they formed a line on the pedestrian crossing when the traffic stopped for the red light.

All of them wore sunglasses and some even tried to cover their faces with the “newspaper”. It makes me wonder if they knew what they were getting into when they signed up to be part of the publicity stunt.

Street photography - Post-It girls

I didn’t take the flyer that these girls were giving out, so I’m not sure what company they were working for. From the looks of it, the campaign is probably for an electronics store.

Their outfit did not draw as much as attention to them as compared to the previous group from JCube. As you can see in the photo above, they couldn’t take their eyes off the JCube girls.

Street photography - Street fashion

Street fashion in Singapore.

Street photography - Couple in Orchard Road

They simply stood there and embraced each other. Nothing else mattered in those fleeting moments.

Street photography - Photographer from Malaysia

This photographer is part of a group from a Malaysian online forum. They travelled from Johor Bahru for a full day of shooting in Singapore. I had a brief chat with them. They had gone to Little India and Chinatown in the morning, before coming down to Orchard Road.

After hanging around for an hour or so, they headed for Marina Bay Sands to shoot some night scenes.

My brother, Jen Yi

My brother tagged along for this photo walk. He’s shooting with my Nikon D90 and an 18-200mm VR II lens. That’s my old set up that I’ve passed to him since I upgraded to the D700.

Me, Jen Xi

Here’s a self portrait. I was shooting with my D700 with the 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II. Hence, I had to use the Billingham Hadley Large.

The live view function of the Fujifilm X100 has come in handy in several situations, such as the one in the photo.

Some other publicity stunts that I’ve come across are the iStudio clowns, Sony girls and Body Shop’s “Look Good, Feel Good campaign”.

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