Pavilion monochrome

This series was shot earlier this year shortly after I got the Cosina Voigtländer Color-Skopar 21 mm f/4 P lens. A trip to KL was the perfect opportunity to try out the lens. As I mentioned previously, due to shipping issues, I received the UV-IR Cut filter late. So the shots from this trip were also taken without the IR filter.

The IR issues meant that I would have to shoot in black and white when I was outdoors.


Pavilion levels

Shooting Leica

The area around Pavilion Mall is an interesting place to shoot. There is a good mix of tourists and locals coming and going. I saw a guy sitting at a cafe near the entrance of the mall sniping away with his telephoto lens. Creepy.

His subjects were mainly people posing for photographs in front of the Pavilion fountain.



Bird's eye view


The 21 mm lens on the crop sensor of the M8 gave a field of view of 28 mm. That meant that I had to use the edges of the viewfinder as the frame lines. The alternative would be to get an external viewfinder, but I want to avoid having to focus in the viewfinder and then frame with the external finder.

It was a challenge shooting that way but I learnt a lot about the lens and got to know my camera better. Once you get the hang of it, you can guess the framing fairly accurately.

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