New Year resolutions for 2011

New Year resolutions generally tend to reflect the ideals we wish to achieve but have the tendency to be unrealistic. Rather than set specific goals to achieve this year, I decided to go with a more realistic list of targets for the start of a new decade.

These are several realistic goals that I can achieve if I put in some effort and be more disciplined.

Sleep eight hours a day. I have been staying out late less often and sleeping earlier. This means I’m better rested to face the challenges for the day. Waking up early makes me feel tired earlier, resulting in me sleeping earlier. I have gone from four hours to six hours. Now to make it past the eight-hour mark.

Eat breakfast every day. It is a bad habit to skip the most important meal of the day. There are days when I do that but usually I would grab a cup of Milo. Two slices of toast and a cup of fresh juice make the ideal breakfast.

Eat healthy. I used to eat whatever I felt like having. My medical report indicated elevated LDL levels, leading me to watch my diet and be more choosy when it come to food. I was clinically obese with a BMI of 23.5. I have lost six kilograms since then. I still need to loose some weight but most importantly, I shall strive to maintain my healthy, balanced diet.

Read one book per week. Being an avid bookworm, I have a sizable collection of books from my favourite authors. I used to read a book every five days but since I started work, I have not been disciplined enough to read every book I’ve bought last year. Time to catch up with the backlog before I add more to my library.

Make fast decisions. I’m not a very decisive person because I’m a thinker. I would try to look at a situation from different angles before I decide. But I have learnt that you don’t need to consider so much in certain situations. The exception would be when it comes to buying things, which I would elaborate in the next point.

Wait 48 hours before buying. I’m quite a spendthrift. I believe that if there is a need to spend, I would spend without hesitation. But there are times where I bought things that doesn’t suit my needs or at a more expensive price. Waiting 48 hours before making a purchase would ensure that I consider my options thoroughly and research on the market rate before I decide to buy an item.

Build a portfolio. I dabble in web design, graphic design and writing. I have done these on a freelance basis. Recently, a friend was surprised to find out that I have experience in these fields. Then I realised that I have not been working actively to keep a portfolio of my works.

Some of the above are goals that I’m already working towards. I hope to achieve, maintain and exceed my targets for 2011. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good year.

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