My first roll of film

This roll of Fujifilm Superia 200 had quite an interesting journey. It was loaded in my dad’s Nikon F3 but the shutter tore after a few shots and the film had to be removed. I thought they would be exposed when the roll was removed from the camera.

Cat Socrates

It was then loaded into my newly acquired Nikon F4S. As the SLR had autofocus, I simply left the camera in aperture-priority and focussed on composition. The whir of the automated film-winding after each shot was affirmation that the decisive moment was captured.

The film was expended within a week.

I was on my way back to JB after collecting my F4S. I loaded the film and started snapping away to test the camera.

I was in luck that day. The sky was ablaze with a wild splash of colours. The washed out colours on these shots are a misrepresentation of what my eyes feasted on.

Sunset seen from the bus

The F4S was in action again when I hung out in Bugis.

The remaining frames were shot during supper after we caught the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Xin Wang @ Cineleisure

Xin Wang @ Cineleisure

The colours turned out surprisingly well. Now I understand why some photographers swear by film. There is just a magical feel to the photos shot on film. There’s just a special touch from the images that I don’t get from using a digital camera.

I’ll be shooting a few more rolls of film, experimenting with other brands and types of film. Several new cameras are on their way. I’ll be writing my initial impressions of these vintage cameras. Stay tuned.

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