Make models, not war

While surfing, I came across this fantastic diorama by Francesco Coriglione from Sicilia, Italy. The piece is entitled “fate il modellismo, non fate la guerra”, translated as “make models, not war”.

The theme of having a Gundam making gunpla models caught my eye immediately.

Make gunpla, not war #1

Upon closer examination, you will notice that Francesco put in a lot of effort. I applaud his attention for details.

Make gunpla, not war #6

Make gunpla, not war #3

Make gunpla, not war #4

Make gunpla, not war #2

Make gunpla, not war #7

Miniature gunpla kits were made from scratch, as were the gunpla boxes.

Make gunpla, not war #7

He even threw in a Millenium Falcon, an X-Wing and TIE-Fighter to complete the otaku image.

Make gunpla, not war #8

The Gundam even wears Keroro slippers!

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Francesco left a comment with a link to this video of the diorama. IT MOVES!!!

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  1. Mark Avatar

    This is definitely something Sgt. Keroro would be proud of!

  2. Francesco Avatar

    Hello everyone I’m Francesco, yes, Francesco himself who made this diorama, from Italy!
    Just today, by accident, I found this blog.
    Chasuble made was a long work, nearly a year and allowed me to win three awards in Italy and to participate in the grand finale of BAKUC Bandai in Hong Kong in December 2009 finishing in 2nd place.
    You can see a short movie of my diorama in “moving” here:
    Bye and Thank You for copliments! -_^

    1. Jenxi Seow Avatar

      Thanks for dropping by Francesco! Congratulations on the awards! You more than deserve them. And… OMG! The diorama moves!

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