Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2009

Last weekend, I went to the first ever Gundam Fiesta held in Singapore. The event, organized by Sheng Tai Toys, runs from 2th September through 14th September to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Gundam.

It was also the first photo shoot using my new AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED DX VRII lens. The money was well spent on the lens! It is simply great to shoot using this lens and I eagerly look forward to the next shooting session.

They used my favourite Strike Freedom Gundam as the stage backdrop! I was disappointed when I discovered that the new gunpla kits that were to be announced at the events aren’t exactly new. Word of the upcoming releases of Gale Strike and Hail Buster had been spreading on the internet.


I was trying to capture an imposing 00 Gundam but it seems that I only succeeded in making it look distorted.


Not a great shot but I really like the bokeh.


00 Gundam standing tall.


RX-78. There’s a big sign that says “Do not touch” but notice the finger prints on the chest.


AEU Enact. See what I mean about the bokeh?


Video of the construction of the life-size Gundam in Odaiba, Japan.


Couldn’t tell if it was the left or right footprint though.


Gundams come in all shapes and sizes.


Old Gundam box art.

I’ll be posting more pictures, so visit my blog again soon!

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  1. Ah^Kid Avatar

    hi nice…. where u from??

    1. Jenxi Seow Avatar

      Hi Ah Kid. I’m from Malaysia… ^^

  2. Mark Avatar

    Would have been nice if you used a 50mm f1.8.

    Excellent shots though. ^_^

    1. Jenxi Seow Avatar

      I have a 50mm f1.8. Problem is, I use a D40, so I can’t autofocus. I still need more practice to nail the manual focus.

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