This is an abstract digital graphic piece done by me way back in 2004. I enjoyed one of the many perks of being an undergraduate: free time to indulge in my hobbies. I used to spend a lot of time on digital graphic design.

It was only when my laptop gave away and started to lag with each mouse click when I used Photoshop that I stopped spending so much time on graphics work. It became a chore because I would have to wait for ages for the images to render or even simply applying filters.

The lag was not the only issue. I was fine with waiting but Windows had a tendency to crash on me. The worst moments were when the blue screen of death greeted me just as the renders were about to be completed. That led to a shift away from graphic design to focus on writing and, later on, photography instead.

A little background on this piece. It was generated in Apophysis, a fractal program, and edited in Photoshop. I liked the flow of the lines generated by the software and wanted to bring out that fluidity in this piece.

This is my favourite and most popular piece. It was featured in the Photoshop Creative magazine about a year ago.

Many people have left their comments on deviantART with different interpretations of the image. Unicorns, hydras, sea serpents, souls, cobras, antelopes, wolves hearts, clouds, tequila, lamps, and Pokemons. These are just some of the things they see in this picture.

A later piece done in 2008.

And the last fractal I worked on back in 2009.

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