Chun-Li AI art

Chun-Li is one of the first female fighters in gaming history, and has become one of the most iconic game characters. It was a pretty easy decision to pick up Chun-Li as my third fighting game character art after Mai Shiranui and Sakura Kasugano.


The challenge with Chun-Li is getting her hair bunds and spiked bracelets right. The spikes were so troublesome that I went with cloth bracelets for the first piece instead. I like how that turned out in the image.

Chun-Li is known for her large, muscular thighs, and that was what I depicted. However, the most feedback I’ve received so far is about how the thighs are too big to be realistic. That’s the character design, and the fun of portraying a character in photorealistic style. You get to have fun and be creative instead of just trying to make it look real.

Tools used


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