Badminton baby

A few months ago, we had some down time and brought my niece out for her first badminton session. I took my Nikon D90 out of hibernation for a spin.

Most of it was video footage but the handful of photos we got pretty much sums up how my niece took to the game. It was one of those days where you bring a body, pop on a prime lens, in this case it was a nifty fifty, and head out to enjoy.

Ruiying plays badminton

Ruiying plays badminton

It is good to learn the importance of staying hydrated as such a young age. You have learnt well, little Padawan.

She seemed confused at first but after a while of settling down, she was in charge. She was telling us where to stand and started passing and taking items from us.

Ruiying plays badminton

Having wielded two badminton racquets at one point, I was sure she was going to grab another racquet. She went for the case of shuttlecocks instead.

My niece has grown quite a bit since then. She has picked up quite a vocabulary and has been chatty lately. It would be interesting to have another badminton session with her.

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