Baby at the Singapore Airshow 2014

Last February, I went to the Singapore Airshow with my girlfriend and my siblings. The star of the day was my baby niece. She probably had no idea what the fuss was about the Airshow, but judging from the photos, she had a great time.

Due to the scorching heat outdoors, we decided to check out the indoor exhibits first and enjoy the air conditioning. When we had a break, I took the opportunity to snap some candid photos. My niece started posing with my girlfriend and my sister. She then started directing the shoot, telling them how to pose. It was hilarious. I captured the sequence in a series of photos and put them into a collage.

Ruiying collage

When clouds started to provide some semblance of shade, we ventured outdoors. I brought my fisheye lens since it was the widest lens I had, albeit with extreme distortions. My past experience at the airshow told me that I had to go as wide and as long as possible when packing my lenses. We got some fun shots from the fisheye.

My brother’s family was wearing an adorable matching panda top that made it really easy to tell that they were together. I would love to know what goes through my niece’s mind when at the sight of all those gigantic aircrafts. This drone was probably the only static display that she could reach the nose while standing on the ground.

Singapore Airshow #110

Singapore Airshow #19

Don’t worry, the missile head was already bent before we got there. My niece didn’t break anything, although we had to be quick enough to keep her from grabbing anything that was in reach.

At one point, she suddenly looked for my sister and pulled her aside to jump on the spot. Totally random but she sure enjoyed that thoroughly if her squeals were anything to go by.

Singapore Airshow #13

02152014 Singapore Airshow 105

Singapore Airshow #97

Singapore Airshow #98

The highlight of the day was the air displays. They had two shows per day, each featuring aerobatic display teams from various countries. The teams participating in 2014 were the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s Black Knights, Indonesian Air Force’s Jupiter Aerobatic Team, and the Republic of Korea Air Force’s Black Eagles.

I think my niece was a bit intimidated by the roar of the planes during the first few passes, hence her trying to bury her head in my brother’s shoulder. However, she quickly became accustomed to it and even got a great vantage point from my brother’s shoulders.

Look out for the next post on the Airshow as I feature more photos of the exhibits and the air displays.

The photo collage and a few photos were shot on the Leica M8 with the Voigtlander 21 mm Color-Skopar f/4.0 P lens. The rest of them were taken on the Nikon D700 with the AF-S 70-200 mm f/2.8 VR II lenses.

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