Baby Ruiying

Baby wrapped in a bundle

Congratulations to my brother Jen Yi and my sister-in-law Xiao Lee on the birth of their first child, Ruiying.

Baby Ruiying

First time grandparents

Now my parents have reached another milestone in their lives: becoming grandparents.

Several friends highlighted the fact that I’ve unlocked another achievement as well. I’m now an uncle. And even more people have been asking me when would it be my turn.

In an Asian society, the older child is expected to marry first and be the first to reach fatherhood. While it is not a strict rule, friends and relatives would tease me endlessly about it.

Nevertheless, my girlfriend and I are in no hurry. We have our five year plan. My focus is on photography at the moment.

My brother and his girl

Came into this world on Mother's Day

My baby niece was born several days earlier than predicted. I guess she was too eager to celebrate Mother’s Day with her mummy so she presented herself as her Mother’s Day gift.

I rushed to the hospital after my photo walk so I had all my gear ready in my bag.

The best results were snapped with the X100 on manual focus.

I only focussed manually for close up shots. The other shots were taken in manual focus mode but automatically focussed by the camera. It’s a trick I’ve learnt to use with the X100.

Soothed by granddad's hands

When in low light, the autofocus mode tends to hunt for focus. To avoid that, I switch to manual focus mode. Simply press the AF/AE button on the back on the camera and it will autofocus on what’s in the centre of the frame. It could just be my imagination but I find that this method allows me to focus faster than using the autofocus mode.

If you’re familiar with the Chinese zodiac, it is the year of the Dragon. This makes my niece a Dragon baby. Her parents are born in the year of the Dragon as well. That makes three Dragons in the family!

Daddy's girl

Dragon family!

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