Wide angle graduation

Table top reflection

My girlfriend graduated in February and I was invited to attend the ceremony. It was a good opportunity to bring my new lens out for a spin.

I had acquired a Cosina Voigtländer Color-Skopar 21 mm f/4 P lens. That gave me a focal length of roughly 28 mm on the crop sensor of my Leica M8. As I was unable to get a UV/IR cut filter in time, I could only shoot in black and white most of the time. I was shooting on my DSLR most of the time during the event due to the need for a flash. I still undecided about getting a flash for the Leica for now. It wasn’t the first time I’ve shipped from this eBay seller. However, the mail got lost and it took almost two months for me to receive the item.

It was SingPost’s fault. There was an attempted delivery but no one was at home, so the delivery man left a note with a scan of the item label so we could pick it up from the nearest post office or arrange for a delivery based on the item number. The number was obscured due to poor scanning on the part of the delivery man. So we were unable to reschedule a delivery. Due to a packed schedule, I wasn’t able to go down personally to collect the item. After a few emails with the customer service officer, we found out that the item had been returned to the seller because it wasn’t collected within the window period. The officer placed the blame on us for not collecting the item in time and simply told us to sort it out with the seller.

Luckily, the seller was very understanding and was quick to mail the item back again after I made a token payment for processing fees.

Mhay’s graduation

Table top reflection

Focus is a little off but I like how the wide angle view allowed me to take in the whole background of the hotel.

Sometimes the most mundane presents a striking composition.

Brew station

These look foreign to me. I guess it’s time I start to acquire a taste in coffee and dabble in brewing my own java. If you have any tips or articles on coffee-making to share, please leave a comment or contact me.

Learn with me.

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