The Room for iPad

The Room

If you have an iPad and have not played The Room, you have been missing out.

Let me rephrase that. You have been living under a rock. On the dark side of the moon. Of Jupiter.

The Room

The Room is a puzzle game by Fireproof Studios for the iPad. This has been an app that I wanted to write about ever since I played it a few months back.

I discovered the app when Apple named it the iPad Game of the Year in 2012. My interest was piqued when the reviews I read highly recommended it. I wanted to know what made The Room the game of the year, so downloaded the game.

The next three hours of my life went past without me noticing much as I sat there trying to open a virtual box.

And then I completed the game.

That was it. The game was finished in a several hours.

I sat there and though to myself, that’s why it’s the game of the year.

Even if it was a brief three-hour affair, the whole experience was mesmerising. The first thing that struck me was the ambience. It is something that many games lack. The Room had it in abundance.

Puzzle games are a peculiar bunch. Some are interesting, while others are just plain boring. Very few keep me hooked. The storyline of puzzle games are usually pretty straightforward. They lack the epic adventure that role-playing games, and to a certain extent first-person shooters, have. This means that there is less motivation for you to want to keep on playing it.

Solve the puzzle

The closest I have been drawn to a puzzle game was when I played Machinarium. However, it felt different. Machinarium was more leisurely. The artwork was beautiful. But it did not have an ambience as strong as The Room. There were times when I felt bored. This was not the case for The Room. It had greater intensity. I had an inexplicable urge to open the box.

To me, it is amazing how the creators of the game produced such a riveting experience around a simple premise: open a box.

Open the box

The game is visually stunning. The intricate details made the box come alive on my third-generation iPad. This partly contributed to making the whole experience more immersive. The graphics is so demanding that the game only supports iPad 2 and newer devices.

Of course, the game is not perfect. Its weakness is in its game controls. In some situations, you might have to repeat the gestures a few times to have them recognised. It is a little frustrating but I was so intent on opening the box that I didn’t care. I doubt you would.

Words cannot describe the quality of the game. You have to experience it. Try it today to understand why it was the game of the year in 2012.

Tried the game? Leave a comment to share your experience.

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