Street fashion in Orchard

Street photography - girl in red dress and blue shoes

If you want a taste of Singapore street fashion, Orchard Road on a weekend is a good place to start. You will come across a myriad of styles being worn by the people walking along the road. I find that a person’s choice of clothing gives a hint of their character and personality.

Street photography - Man in Superman t-shirt

Street photography - Man in grey with lime green shoes

Those shoes are bright and cheery but his demeanour says otherwise. He seemed thoroughly defeated with the way he plodded across the street.

Street photography - Man in cookie monster t-shirt

Some like to wear t-shirts that depict their childhood heroes.

Street photography - denim bottoms and yellow shoes

These two good friends are very well-coordinated. I wonder if they planned it beforehand or if it was truly them having the same frequency.

Street photography - Mother and child in matching dresses

This is a cute scene. Mother and daughter wearing matching dresses.

Street photography - Girl in yellow with a blue balloon

Street photography - man taking a flyer from a person on stilts

Stripes seem to be popular.

Street photography - videographer at work

Street photography - two big man

Contrary to popular belief, stripes don’t make you look slimmer if they are vertical, nor do they make you look broader if they were horizontal.

Street photography - Woman in blue top and white pants

Some of the outfits were rather outlandish.

Street photography - elderly woman in green clothes

This elderly lady proudly struts her stuff in traditional garb. That juxtaposes will with her classy bag.

Street photography - girl in red dress and blue shoes

I like this outfit. Classy with a hint of goth? Nevertheless, she picked her style well.

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