Sherie on the jetty

We wrapped up the photo shoot with Sherie at the jetty in the Woodlands Waterfront Park. This jetty was formerly known as the Royal Malaysian Navy Jetty. You can see the previous sets in white, denim and fashion style.

The jetty is one of the prominent feature of the park. You get a view of the Johor-Singapore causeway and the Johor Bahru city skyline across the Straits of Johor.

This series was shot on the Nikon D700 with an AF-S 50 mm f/1.4G lens.

Sherie #115

Sherie #122

Sherie #111

Sherie #126

Sherie #116

Sherie #120

Shooting in the park gave us some respite from the blazing sun under the shade of the trees. We had nowhere to hide on the jetty. A few middle-aged men were fishing on the jetty and without much to do while waiting for the fish to bite, their attention inevitably was drawn to us.

This reminded me of another shoot I did with Sherie a couple of years back. A tour bus pulled up near where we were shooting. Among the tour group was a typical tourist with a DSLR hanging from his neck. He interrupted us to get a few snaps of Sherie. This time round, we only attracted a few curious stares but they did not stray far from their fishing rods.

With this, we wrap up the last set of images from the session with Sherie. It was a rather productive session in view of the time constraints. If you are interested in a photo shoot, feel free to contact me. I’ll be glad to work out a collaboration.

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