Pets, hats and more street fashion

Street photography - Lady wearing a hat and carrying a toy dog

Street fashion and publicity stunts are just some of the interesting sights along Orchard Road. While it might be lacking compared to some other cities, it is certainly the busiest place in Singapore on over the weekends.

Street photography - iStudio staff in colourful afro wigs

This time round, iStudio has a team to promote their products. Nothing catches attention better than a group of people in bright yellow t-shirts and colourful afro wigs.

Street photography - Girl in yellow walking a dog in Orchard Road

Street photography - Girl in yellow walking a dog in Orchard Road

Some choose to spend the weekend with their beloved pets. I often see several other joggers who include Orchard Road as part of their routes.

Street photography - Man in cap and woman in hat

Street photography - Blonde woman in long dress running

I wouldn’t be comfortable in what he wore. I was sweating profusely even though I was in t-shirt and Bermudas shorts.

Racing for the traffic lights. It’s not a good idea especially when you’re wearing a long dress, but she managed to dart across the road in time.

Street photography - Tourists looking at notable landmarks in Singapore

Street photography - Lady wearing a wide-brimmed hat

Street photography - Man wearing a pair of unique-looking sunglasses

Wide-brimmed hats to hide from the sun. These are generally worn by Japanese tourists.

Unusual sunglasses such as these never fail to catch my eyes. They make a good fashion statement.

This reminds me of the interesting perception of beauty. The Asians are crazy about pale skin, investing tons of money on cosmetic products and staying out of the sun as much as possible. And, yes, I mean Asians. I get a lot of Indian customers who look for skin whitening products. And the Caucasians are keen to soak up the sun and get a tan.

Those born with lighter skin tone yearn to make it darker. And vice versa. Is this a case of the grass is greener on the other side?

Street photography - Mother pushing a pram draped with a white cloth

Street photography - Side view of a stranger

This is a classic hairstyle that will never grow old or drop out of fashion.

Many parents are so obsessed about keeping their children out of the sun that they drape thick cloth over the prams. If they are so concerned about the harmful effects of UV rays, perhaps they should apply sunblock on their kids instead.

Street photography - Baby on the street

Street photography - Lady wearing a hat and carrying a toy dog

Some pets have to work out along with their owners. Others are luckier to be treated as a fashion accessory and be carried around instead. Then again, they would have to bear with wearing fancy costumes.

Street photography - Mother and daughter wearing yellow and white

I often see couples and friends in matching clothes. It’s nice to see mother and daughter coordinating their clothing for a change.

Street photography - Heels without heels

These heels are meant for walking. Wait, if they don’t have heels, are they still considered heels?

Street photography - Man wearing a red hat

Street photography - Man wearing glasses and a hat

Street performers generally attract tourists more than they do locals.

Street photography - Man taking a photo of a street performer

Street photography - TV presenter in Orchard Road

Some TV station doing a feature on Orchard Road. They had to do a few takes to get it right. The cameraman was back pedalling and despite her best efforts, the assistant was unable to get some pedestrians out of the way in time and he ended up stuck in traffic while the presenter continued walking towards the camera.

Street photography - JCube publicity stunt

 The JCube publicity stunt was still being conducted. This time round, they decided not to stand in the middle of the pedestrian crossing and obstruct traffic.

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