Gunpla withdrawal symptoms

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been doing many extra hours at work so I’m usually asleep once I get on on train and bus on my way home. Back at home, I get my daily dose of Facebook before I attempt to absorb all the knowledge from photography books.

I barely have time to get through a few pages before I doze off. We shall see if I can post more entries.

The last gunpla I bought was the MG Char’s Rick Dom when I was in Taiwan in March. Surprisingly, I managed to abstain from making a purchase at the Gundam Expo held last month.


MG Char’s Rick Dom.

Nikon D40 with Nikon 50mm f/1.8D, f/4 at 1/8, Auto ISO chose ISO 1250.

I have not fiddled with my gunpla since I found out that my dad broke my MG Destiny. Although Destiny isn’t my favourite Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, every gunpla I own is dear to me.

It is only a matter of time before I am compelled to go buy a gunpla kit to build. Here’s a list of kits I want to get:

  • MG Strike Freedom Gundam
  • MG Char’s Gelgoog ver 2.0
  • MG Sword Impulse Gundam
  • MG Sinanju

The limited edition bazooka canon for the Sinanju is extremely rare now and I doubt I’ll want to splash the cash to ship it here. But if I ever see it anywhere, I’ll definitely get it!

Is anyone interested in going for airbrushing workshops? I plan to learn how to do it and then consider if I want to invest in an airbrush set. A PG kit needs good airbrush work to make it look good.

Mastery of the technique would pave way for me to purchase the following:

  • PG Strike Gundam
  • PG Gundam MK II Titans version
  • PG Gundam RX-78
  • PG Red Frame Astray

I’m drooling too much to continue posting.

Learn with me.

Join me in my journey in exploring the transformative potential of AI.


  1. Sealedsoul Avatar

    I got the MG strike Freedom =P
    still gotta make it though, and i wanna get PGs too ! cant afford em though =(

    1. Jenxi Seow Avatar

      I’ll get the SF soon. I prefer to get either Gelgoog or Sinanju first though.

      Well for PGs… you should learn how to airbrush the kits before you try PGs. Brushwork makes a lot of difference to the appearance of the kits.

      1. Sealedsoul Avatar

        If only it is that easy, if i wanna learn its basically self teach, or go to some anime convention and forget the stalls just sit there and learn.

        1. Jen Xi Avatar

          Come to SG. There are shops that provide workshops. Airbrush and paint provided. Just bring your kit.

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