Graduate in Marina Bay

After the previous session in the Botanic Gardens, we continued my girlfriend’s graduation shoot in the Esplanade.

We shot in the little garden on the rooftop of the Esplanade. I like the view of the Marina Bay you get from there. Of course, it cannot compare to the stunning view from the Sky Park perched on Marina Bay Sands.

But the view is still special because it puts you apart from the crowd along the river, yet at the same time you are not really far away from the buzz. And if you’re lucky, a live band might be jamming at the river side to provide you with the perfect ambiance to chill out to.

Mhay graduation 101

Mhay graduation #144

Mhay graduation #148

Mhay graduation #138

Mhay graduation #156

Mhay graduation #164

We decided to cross the Singapore River via the Helix Bridge. When the lights on the bridge came on as the sun set, it was hard to resist taking some photos with delicious booked balls.

Since it was a portrait session, I did not bother with a tripod. Shooting handheld in the low light was made all the more challenging by the wind rocking the bridge. That and the tourists that seemed to think that where the guy with the big camera is standing is the sweet spot. We had to give way several times while we waited for the blue hour.

Mhay graduation #183

We then move to a secret shooting location in front of Marina Bay Sands for the final leg of the day-long session. It was pretty dark so I used my camera bag as a makeshift tripod and made my girlfriend hold her position for the long exposure. Although the image is not as sharp as I would prefer, I thought it was decent given how little light we had. This is a good time to invoke wabi-sabi.

This series was shot with the Nikon D700 with the AF 35 mm f/2D, AF-S 70-200 mm f/2.8 VR II and the AF Fisheye 16 mm f/2.8D lenses. A Nikon SB-600 Speedlight was used in the last few shots.

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