Got a D90

I have not ditched my D40, a.k.a Cammy. I still love Cammy for the joy it has brought me. However, after much thought, I decided it was time for me to step up to a better camera. While I will miss the small and light Cammy, using a D90 does have its benefits.

Image source: Digital Photography Review

I have been using my 50mm f1.8D prime lens to shoot figurines. It was only recently that I started to shoot more in low or available light. I needed a faster lens and the 50mm f1.8D was good, provided I could focus fast enough. As my D40 does not have an internal auto focusing motor, the 50mm lens does not auto focus on it. I could have gotten the 50mm f1.4G but that lens would cost me SGD600 more.

Aside from that, there are several reasons that made me want to change my camera body.

The Nikon D90 compared to the D40


  • Auto focus with non AF-S lens. AF-S lens have auto focusing motor built into them.
  • Faster auto focus speed
  • Better ISO performance
  • Higher mega-pixel count. This is not a big deal but it is a feature good to have.
  • CLS commander to remotely fire flash.
  • Video — I don’t believe in using DSLRs as video cameras.


  • Bigger and bulkier. This is a concern since I carry my camera wherever I go.
  • $$$ — of course, I’ll need to fork out quite a sum for it

The advantages had enough weight to convince me to burn a hole in my wallet with the purchase.

I’m a proud owner of a D90, Shasha. Shasha is derived from Shashinki (写真機), which means camera in Japanese. If you hadn’t connect the dots, Cammy is derived from camera. And since I fondle the bodies of my camera on a daily basis, I’d like to think of them in feminine terms, hence the female names.

Let’s welcome Shasha to the family!

I refuse to consider selling Cammy to fund my D90 purchase. Cammy can still be a good backup camera. Rather than let Cammy be left all lonely while I fiddle with my new camera body, I loaned it to my brother. Let’s hope he gets interested in photography and we can shoot together. And, oh yes, we can share lenses!

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  1. Mark Avatar

    Wow! Congratulations on the new body! I’m thinking of changing bodies next year. Need to get me a couple of lenses first.

    1. Jenxi Seow Avatar

      Thanks, Mark. For Nikon users, this is a good time to buy. The initial release hype has died down, and in turn the price as well. The camera has been proven to be a solid model and will last for the next 2 years at least.

      I”m still contemplating a 105mm macro lens since it’ll be great for macro shots and it produces stunning portraits too. But given the price, I might have to settle for extension tubes.

      You have a good camera! I don’t think you’ll need to upgrade anytime soon. Especially when you’re churning out great photos with it. ^^

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