First Nendoroid – Saber Lily

My order arrived yesterday! I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Saber Lily Nendoroid.

I unwrapped the packaging and was greeted by the box. All in perfect condition.

Saber meets her Master for the first time.

Back of the box with pictures of some poses

The Nendoroid did not come with any instructions on how to fix it. If it did, it could have been the Japanese words on the box that I can’t read, yet. Nevertheless, it was pretty easy to get her fixed up and ready to pose for the camera. It did take me a while to figure out how to get the legs to bend and to attach her onto the stand.

The airbrush work on the Nendoroid is fantastic. Check out the details of her hair. And isn’t she absolutely kawaii?

Saber taking her first “baby steps”.

Smile for the camera! (Even the LCD screen is smiling.)

Saber frowns. What’s wrong?

Making the sad puppy face with Scarves.

I was exhausted after work and the laundry was waiting, so I didn’t have much time to take more pictures. I assure you, more will come!

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  1. Mark Avatar

    Congratulations~! That’s a nice first. :D You’re on the right track~!

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