I have started writing an online journal on this blog. Journal entries are shorter than my blog articles, and are more about the bits and pieces of my life. And instead of pure writing, I decided to add doodles to the entries.

There is the option of writing, but visual storytelling is something compelling, especially for someone like me who is passionate about photography. As the cliche goes, a pictures says a thousand words. The project is part of my learning to say more with less, and to express even more with no words.

I have always wanted to express myself through drawing. It has been years since I’ve come across the works of Boey Cheeming. I still remember wanting to do something similar to record my life when I was first introduced to his work by Matt.

Boey is a big inspiration for me. He taught me the importance of following my heart in what I want to do. And do it fast because time waits for now one. In fact, do it right now. Recently, Boey marked his tenth anniversary of his blog. To think he has been drawing an entry a day for the past ten years.

It is important to keep working and taking small steps. The body of work we produce will slowly accumulate as long as we put in the hard work to create it. And before we know it, we’ll have a decade of work to show for like Boey.

Smaller D

I documented some of my encounters with customers during my time as a pharmacist. I have always wanted to depict those scenarios in a comic and the journal is the perfect place for them. This led to the When I was a Pharmacist series.

Doodling brought back memories of when I drew during classes. I even drew some stick figure comics inspired by Yaiba back then. Perhaps I should revisit some of those ideas.

Learn with me.

Join me in my journey in exploring the transformative potential of AI.

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