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Many of us can be guilty of taking our eyesight for granted. I am no exception. That changed when I developed an eye infection about two years ago. My vision blurred and losing my sight was a very scary thought. As a photographer, I depend on my eyes to capture the images my mind sees.

I was lucky that it was just an eye infection. My initial worry was that I had damaged my cornea and my vision would be permanently scarred. Something that I hardly gave a thought to, became a constant worry during that week. Even though the doctor assured me there was no damage to my eye, the blurred vision made me anxious, especially when it was my dominant eye. Perhaps such events happen to remind us not to take things for granted.

Fast forward to the present, I got my eyes checked a few days ago. Due to my recent longer working hours, I have to wear my glasses instead of contacts. My glasses are old, since I hardly use it as I’ve been wearing contacts most of the time. I figured it was time to make a new pair of glasses, and that entailed getting my eyes checked by the optician. To my surprise, the degree of shortsightedness has dropped for my left eye.

That also explains a problem I had a couple of months back. I started noticing that my vision was blurred when I wore my contacts. Initially, I thought I had mixed up my contacts. So I swapped them around. But it didn’t make any difference. That frustrated me and led to me switching my contacts every hour or so, until I came to the conclusion that perhaps my eyesight had worsened.

I had expected to be told that degree had increased, so it was a rather pleasant surprise when I found out my vision had improved. Mystery of the contact lenses solved as well.

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  1. Matthew Li Wen Chung Avatar

    Scary thought. Glad that it’s actually good news. Sometimes we really do need wake up calls. Hope your eye sight continues to improve.

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