Rui Ying’s first month

Baby Rui Ying had her first month bash in June. It is a Chinese tradition to hold a celebration when a baby is one month old.

I have previously blogged about her first photos after my niece was born. This time round, I had less time to shoot with her alone since she was the star of the night.

Hearty laugh

My brother’s childhood friend spending a light-hearted moment with my dad.

My sister #1

My sister was a little unwilling to be photographed.

My sister #2

But she was more at ease after I put a prop in her hand.

Rui Ying in grandpa's arms

Looking at grandpa.

Rui Ying taking a nap

She finally fell asleep in my dad’s arms. My favourite shot of the day. It’s not tack sharp, due to my sloppy manual focus technique, and the background could have been cleaner. But this photo speaks to me.

My brother and his firstborn

Rui Ying with her dad. She’s looking more and more like my brother when he was a baby. I was quite surprised to see the striking resemblance when I pulled out his baby photos over the weekend.


Rui Ying demanding for her dinner

My girlfriend in a fluster. The baby was hungry and demanded to be fed.

Dad and his paintings

Correct way to open a durian

I love durians. They are my favourite fruits. Some of my friends can’t stand the smell. My girlfriend hates it.

But I can sit down for hours and eat durians like there’s no tomorrow. I only refrain from doing so because durians are high in calories.

Dad opening a durian

My parents know that my siblings and I love durians. They make it a point to buy sack loads of durians when they are in season.

The right way to open durians is to cut a slit along the durian’s sutures and then pry them open. Durian shells are made up of several segments. These segments can be easily split by hand. You just need to take the durian, eat the flesh, lick the seed, discard the seed, and lick your fingers.

Delicious durians

When opened properly, the durian flesh will be sitting snugly in the shells, enticing you to eat them.

Wrong way to open a durian

I found this image on Google. This is not how you open a durian. The whole experience of eating a durian is ruined if you do this.

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